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Permanent Recruitment

Let our Dedicated, Exectutive Search, Sales & Customer Service Recruiters Work as an Extension of Your HR Department

Permanent Placement Services

Finding the right permanent candidates for you

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Permanent placement (aka Direct Hire) is all about finding you the best passive talent for your team. Questions to ask yourself are: Do you have the time, knowledge, and resources to hire hard to find Sales and Customer Service talent? Do you need to scale your sales team quickly or backfill a purple squirrel? If these questions resonate with you then Sankofa Talent Acquisition permanent placement services will help you meet your goals.

Imagine this scenario, your Head of Sales requires you to expand your tech team. Your priority is hiring IT employees, but you can’t afford to wait 4 months for your talent acquisition team to recruit the needed IT candidates.

To make things worse, traditional recruitment methods are failing and it’s not your fault.

>LinkedIn Inmails have an average response rate of 10%

>Given market demand, technology professionals with resumes posted online have massive amounts of people calling them about roles, making it hard for your company to standout.

>One attempt cold-calling is a low success rate and is rarely executed well these days.

Your hiring options:


Administration Roles

  • > Office Coordinator
  • > Receptionist
  • > Facilities
  • > Data Entry

Sales Roles

  • > Sales Coordinator
  • > Sales Advisors
  • > SDR¨s
  • > Sales Assistants

Customer Suport Roles

  • > Customer Service Advisors
  • > Agents
  • > Sales and Customer Service
  • > Inbound Telemarketing

Your Hiring options

Whether you’re looking for your next full-time accountant or you need to fill a COO role, Sankofa Talent Acquisition can offer you a permanent talent solution.

  • Specialised local recruiters
  • Executive Search
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Specialised local recruiters

We use our deep knowledge of your local job market to find you the best candidates.

>Get the attention of top talent.

>Expand your talent pool by reaching candidates not actively job hunting.

>Reduce your time to hire.

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Executive Search

Our Executive Search specialises in the search and placement of executive leadership talent, across a wide array of industries.

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Service Advantages

As many of our consultants are specialists with relevant industry backgrounds, we pride ourselves on our in-depth understanding, insight and credibility necessary to identify the skills, experience and personal attributes required for difficult-to-fill roles.

We take the time to really get to know your business and culture and look for ways that we can support you in finding, attracting and retaining the right talent, which is a defining factor in the success of any business.

Covering all technical and commercial disciplines within varios sectors, we are uniquely placed to find the right skills for you both now and for the future.

  • Qualified Candidates

    Permanent staffing will allow you to target the right people for the job

  • Save Your Money

    You have no recruiting costs, no cost of advertising for candidates.

  • Broad Network

    You’ll benefit from our on-the-ground expertise and wide network of condidates.

  • Save Your Time

    Reduced time spent by your staff screening and interviewing candidates.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Delivering Talent, quicker. We have an average turn around of 15 days.

  • Improve Productivity

    Bring on temp staff is to have extra employees during peak production periods