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Contract and Temporary Recruitment

Finding Contract and Temporal staff to fill temporary positions, in the fastest time possible.

Contract and temporary Placements

Understanding Your HR Needs Better

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Requiring the services of a Contract or temporary employee is par for the course when it comes to running a business, as many of your full time personnel will take leaves at some point in their career. Candidate selection can be difficult and resource intensive, so seeking Contract or Temporary staffing services from a professional agency can relieve the stress of the situation.

Our flexible recruitment services meet our customers' needs for quality and cost control. Should your business require additional staff on a short-term basis, Sankofa Talent is well equipped to supply you with employees, by drawing on our pool of adaptable and immediately available candidates..


Administration Roles

  • > Office Coordinator
  • > Receptionist
  • > Facilities
  • > Data Entry

Sales Roles

  • > Sales Coordinator
  • > Sales Advisors
  • > Account Managers
  • > Business Development
  • > Technical Sales

Operations Support Roles

  • > Customer Service Advisors
  • > Project Managers
  • > Sales and Customer Service
  • > Inbound Telemarketing

Finding Your Contractor or Temp Staff

Whether you’re looking to hire contractors or Temp staff for a day, holiday cover or a temp-to-perm solution, our temporary division will provide the support your business or project management needs.

  • Short Term Hiring
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Short Term Hiring

An advantage of using contractors or temps is their flexibility. You can bring them in with little lead time (either same-day or next-day), then stop using them right away as your need for extra workers subsides.

Request Talent Today

If you are considering adding more staff to your organization it may be beneficial to first think about the possibility of temporary staffing services to fulfill your needs. These engagements can range from a single day to several months.

  • Qualified Candidates

    Temporary staffing will allow you to target the right people for the job.

  • Save Your Money

    You have no recruiting costs, no cost of advertising for candidates.

  • Broad Network

    You’ll benefit from our on-the-ground expertise and wide network of condidates.

  • Save Your Time

    Reduced time spent by your staff screening and interviewing candidates.

  • Quick Turnaround

    Delivering Talent, quicker

  • Improve Productivity

    Bring on temp staff is to have extra employees during peak production periods